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Design a Mask.

Make Extra Cash.

Can't get much easier...

Design a Mask

Download the template, create your custom mask and send us your design.

Sell the Mask

Promote your mask to anyone and everyone using email and social media.

Get Paid

Get paid $3.00 for every mask sold.


masks are HAND Manufactured in the USA & made for maximum style & comfort

Our mission

Provide designers a platform to design and sell one-of-a-kind high quality face masks.


So here’s the story… Five Inc is one of the nations premier manufacturers of tension fabric displays for trade shows and events, but thanks to a little thing called Covid-19 there aren’t any Trades Shows or Events going on. No trade shows or events meant we needed to figure out another way to put 25 years of custom fabric printing and manufacturing to good use. You think we would have came up with this idea right out of the gate since it was literally right in front of our face, but one day it finally clicked- we can produce some awesome face masks... so that’s what we've done! We created a website called FlipMSKS that is a platform for people wanting to do fundraisers or just make a little extra money selling their own custom designed masks.

It really is a pretty sweet deal- all you do is design a mask and we will put it on your own custom web page so all your friends, family, colleagues and social media followers can purchase their one of a kind masks design. Masks sell for $10 ea and you get $3.00 for every one sold.

FlipMSKS is the perfect side hustle. All it takes to make some money is submit A design, email friends & family, and post on social Media.

- Bella Nichols

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