FlipMSK offers the unique ability for you to customize the mask design with your organizations logo, name, and colors. Not only that, we provide the option for each individual mask to be personalized  with someones name or jersey number!


Virus Repelling Fabric:

FlipMSKS are made with two layers of antimicrobial fabric treated with HeiQ V-Block, which reduces bacterial and virus transmission. The V-Block treatment is machine washable, hypoallergenic, inhibits the growth of bacterial odors, and makes textiles resistant against degradation by microorganisms.*


3 Different Sizes:

With 3 different size masks, you have the option to choose a size that fits you best:
• Adult- 16+
• Youth- 8-16 years
• Child- 8 & under


 Our distinctive ability to produce a design on both sides of the mask means you simply flip it when you want a different look- in all practicality you are getting 2 masks in 1. 

No Risk - No Cost:

No need to go looking for some fine print on this... when we say No Risk - No Cost we mean it!  We will design your mask and create your commerce webpage at absolutely no cost, all you do is promote the mask and  collect money.

Machine Washable:

The V-Block treatment is design to maintain its effectiveness for 30 washes. This means if you decide to freshen it up every other week by tossing it in the washer, the mask would still retain antimicrobial / antiviral properties for over a full year.